Free portable php software

Portable php software


CodeLobster PHP Edition Portable

CodeLobster PHP Edition Portable 5.12

CodeLobster PHP Edition Portable is a powerful application that can help you work with your PHP or HTML files on any computer It is primarily intended for quick and easy creation and editing of PHP HTML CSS JavaScript files with support Drupal CMS Joomla CMS ... [...]
Dev-PHP Portable

Dev-PHP Portable

Dev-PHP Portable is the portable version of Dev-PHP software - a well-featured IDE for PHP Fast and powerful it is very easy to use and it offers many interesting features such as class browser scripts preview integration with PHP parsers PHP-GTK library and Xdebug of ... [...]
Sony PlayStation Portable

Sony PlayStation Portable 3.11

Firmware Update br br - Extended support for Playstation Network titles br - Added Restart Game function for Playstation Netwotrk games br br ... [...]


pnm - Read and write portable pixelmaps portable graymaps and portable bitmaps This is a collection of programs for reading and writing portable pixelmaps portable graymaps and portable bitmaps Ascii plain and binary raw encodings are supported for both reading and writing Requirements MATLAB Release ... [...]
Portable Menu

Portable Menu

Portable Menu script generates a menu that will move as the visitor scrolls the page As the visitors scroll up and down your site the menu moves up and down with them The only concern when adding this to your site is to make sure ... [...]

Scriptomania 2.7

HTML PHP JavaScript MySQL editor -- Syntax highlighting for HTML JavaScript PHP into the same document SQL highlighting -- Macros can even record mouse actions -- Completion engines HTML PHP Auto completion -- Auto correct engine -- Test your PHP scripts locally -- PHP JavaScript ... [...]
PHP AdminPanel Website Back End Script

PHP AdminPanel Website Back End Script 3.3.2

PHP Admin Panel PHP AP provides you access to the control features of your site as creating static or dynamical pages and allows your easily manage database tables with embedded PHP DataGrid It includes Creating Reading Updating and Deleting CRUD records in database tables on ... [...]
PHP Cleaner

PHP Cleaner 1.0

PHP Cleaner - This little script removes the PHP line brakes you find in a lot of PHP source codes Simply place the PHP input files in the INPUT directory and then start go cmd You can then find the resulting files without the incorrect ... [...]
Intermec PB42 Portable Printer PB42F3932

Intermec PB42 Portable Printer PB42F3932 3.32

Intermec Technologies Corp is perhaps best known as the inventor of the world's most widely used bar code symbology Intermec today provides supply chain information products services and systems to companies in hundreds of industries around the world br br Supply chain information systems allow ... [...]
Sony PlayStation Portable driver

Sony PlayStation Portable driver 3.70

Sony has released a new firmware update available now for the PSP bringing the version up to The new update can be picked up automatically through the Network Update Wi-Fi connection on the PSP br br Some of the updates with the new version include ... [...]
FiiO X5 Portable Player

FiiO X5 Portable Player 2.0

New improved features br - Support for DSD music tracks in DSDIFF dsf and DFF dff formats br - Support for OTG storage currently supports USB drives powered by Skymedi Luansheng Innostor SiliconGo Phison CBM and Bensheng USB controllers USB hard disks not yet supported ... [...]
Portable Coroutine Library

Portable Coroutine Library 1.6

Portable Coroutine Library PCL implements the low level functionality for coroutines The Portable Coroutine Library PCL implements the low level functionality for coroutines br br Coroutines are a very simple cooperative multitasking environment where the switch from one task to another is done explicitly by ... [...]
Philips PET1030/37 Portable DVD Player

Philips PET1030/37 Portable DVD Player 070911

Play DVD DVD -R and DVD -RW S VCD DivX reg MPEG movies With DivX reg support you are able to enjoy DivX reg encoded videos in the comfort of your living room The DivX reg media format is an MPEG -based video compression technology ... [...]
DzSoft PHP Editor

DzSoft PHP Editor

DzSoft PHP Editor is a handy and powerful tool for writing and testing PHP scripts and HTML XML pages Being designed specifically for PHP development it has a friendly but powerful interface that is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers DzSoft PHP Editor is ... [...]
CodeLobster PHP Edition

CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.12

odelobster PHP Edition streamlines and simplifies php development process You don't need to keep in mind names of functions arguments tags and their attributes methods etc - all these are implemented for you in the autocomplete feature for PHP HTML JavaScript and even CSS Also ... [...]
Archos Portable Digital Video Player AV700

Archos Portable Digital Video Player AV700 1.1.03

ARCHOS designs and manufactures the industry's most unique miniature peripherals for people on the go ARCHOS is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge technology to market It has made continuous technological innovation the mainspring of its development br br PRODUCT FEATURES br br Record directly from your ... [...]
EXP HD Traveler and Portable Hard Disk E Series

EXP HD Traveler and Portable Hard Disk E Series 7.1

Since EXP Computer Inc has been manufacturing and marketing quality PC Card upgrades for notebook computer users EXP was one of the first pioneer companies of PC Card technology offering a full line of portable PC Card CD-ROM kits external hard drives modems ethernet adapters ... [...]
Antechinus PHP Editor

Antechinus PHP Editor 2.0

Antechinus PHP Editor allows you create edit and run PHP scripts from the integrated environment It will change your life turning your PHP coding into pure pleasure In short this is what PHP Editor has to offer Context-sensitive help just hit F to receive help ... [...]
Atrise PHP Script Debugger

Atrise PHP Script Debugger 3.0.2

Atrise PHP Script Debugger is an online debug script for your PHP projects It can help you to show PHP variables debug string output script execution time the page source and other information that helps you in your PHP development Features of the PHP Debugger ... [...]

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